These days every teen is riddled with only one question, which is “How to get a girlfriend ?

For people who have girlfriends and are stooping on this site, I know you’re looking for more! Am I right? For those who don’t have a girlfriend and are here, believe me you have come to the right place. We at this site have devised numerous ways to get you what you want, a girlfriend.

All these methods have been tried and have worked successfully for our team of authors who want to share this knowledge for all those people who are on the lookout for one. We have all the ways you guys are looking for, right from the new tech savvy ones to the good old courting of a beautiful female.

There is only one pre-requisite, which is CHARISMA.

If you are full of and fuelled with confidence believe me you will be easily able to approach that girl you like. If you are scared and never approach that cute girl you see jogging on that same track you take in the morning or your cute lab partner in biology class, believe me you will always regret not making that move. You might get rejected or turned down but ask yourself, what is better? Getting turned down or never asking that cute girl out? Yes you don’t need me to answer that one for you.

how to get a girlfriend


But if you follow every instruction on this site to the point believe me, everything is achievable.

So, you have to work on some characteristics because every girl likes someone with confidence, charisma and a good dress sense. You can’t expect that she will fall for who you already are and look at you as her prince charming even if you are pulling off a lousy hoodie at a party where everyone else if looking the best they can. The most important thing which I had taken the liberty to highlight in BOLD letters that is CHARISMA.

Charisma: –

The basic question is what charisma is? It is compelling attractiveness that can inspire devotion in others. It basically means such traits or actions that compel a girl to like you and eventually be your girlfriend.  There are various ways by which a girl can be compelled to like you. I am going to list out the very important ones.

  • Dress sense: – As you have read in the article earlier that if you look the best you can, you can have my word for it that you won’t ever get turned down by a girl. If you know you are going to see that cute girl at a dinner party or at a formal get together or maybe you are going to see her at a sorority or a college organised party, wearing track pants with slippers won’t exactly plead your case, maybe all the other guys might be rocking this look but you are going to want to look for something chic and nothing that says you are a phony bastard but nothing also that says I work part time at McDonalds (Even if you do, you don’t want your look to say that) and the point of looking good is to stand out in the crowd and give a gleaming first impression and you don’t want her to mistake you for a cynic. Believe me; well-fitted trousers along with a double breasted dinner jacket at any occasion will make you look like James Bond among other Seth Rogens. And when you walk into that party (make sure you are not punctual while making appearances at parties), so your crush can see you walk into the party in this “Oh God Damn” outfit.
  • Confidence: – This is quintessential to charisma and what confidence is to charisma is what fruity loops are to milk, yes, the essence of it. Make sure you don’t have a rash confidence, one that makes you come out like a jerk; you need to own that confidence, make sure you are humble as well. If you are approaching this girl in school or college or at your workplace, make sure you don’t approach her with hidden agendas. You can always go like “Hey xyz, how are you doing? To which she would have a textbook reply that is, “Hi abc, I am doing great.” And after that don’t stammer or hesitate when you say, “Would you mind having a coffee with me?” Believe me when I say this, she won’t even turn down a coffee even if she does not like you, she might say know if she is stuck up in some important work but you can always reschedule later or a time which suits both of you. Because a coffee is no signal that hey I like you or hey I asked you for a coffee so it is an indicator that I am going to be a supper creepy guy and ask you to be my girlfriend. It is a simple coffee, no need to overcomplicate it by terming it as anything else. You can have your coffee date with her and easily get her phone number by striking a good conversation with her. Since, you asked her out it is your moral responsibility to keep the conversation going and interesting. If at any point it might turn into boring or awkward, she would have second thoughts to give you her phone number which is an absolute necessity in this generation because then you can text and talk and give a much needed push to your chances of making her your girlfriend. After striking a good conversation and when you are paying at the place, don’t fight over the bill or anything, Just take the cheque and make the payment and don’t talk about it.($10 won’t hurt your pocket) (Chivalry is not dead after all). And if she lives nearby, it would be an amazing idea to drop her off at her place if you have any mode of travelling or an automobile or maybe even walk her to her place, I cannot stress its importance enough. And don’t hesitate to drop off a text to her as soon as you reach home enquiring about whether she reached home safely in the event of you not dropping her or you can even text her regarding the good time you had with her and you would love to make another plan like this in the near future.
  • Smell good: For god’s sake apply a good perfume coupled with a deodorant. People don’t know that a deodorant is used to keep away the sweating and moisture and odour originating from your sweat, whereas a perfume is used to give a pleasant fragrance to your body and pop a mint regularly, in our point of view, perfume and mints are a greater invention than Televisions! Every girl likes to be with a man who smells impeccable and the girl you like won’t be any different. I suggest Davidoff cool water or UCB blue jeans; a good perfume is an investment. It will reap its benefits in the future.

These three points, settle them deep inside your heart and your mind and believe me you will be able to get a girlfriend before you know it.

Expert's Take -


You met a stunning young lady. She’s wonderful, clever, wise, and doesn’t appear to be insane. Clearly you need her to be into you, as well.

Nothing’s  more regrettable than getting pushed into the companion zone or getting so anxious to inspire that you frighten her off inconclusively.

So here we are to make sure that doesn’t happen,with the best tips, hacks to help you to get that girl to like you.

Starting with the most important 5 tips you need to know to get a girl to like you:

  1.  Do what she cherishes to do!
  2.  Make her vibe uncommon then she will realize that you truly do value her.
  3.  Don’t content her for messaging. …
  4. Take as much time as is needed to get nearer to her and show enthusiasm for her interests. …
  5. Hang out with her companions and your companions.


Who wouldn’t like to begin to look all starry eyed at? It’s a practically widespread craving, as regular as a hashtag on a Kardashian tweet. On the off chance that you are occupied with a young lady and frantically need herto love you back, there are some approaches to motivate her advantage.

In particular, act naturally and regard her for who she is.


So here we are with the best 10 hacks to get a girl to like you:

1) Slow down your strolling speed.

As you stroll up to her (or with her), moderate down your pace and somewhat misrepresent your shoulder developments. It will make you look loose and in control. “She will read “certainty” and certainty is constantly alluring,” Do this while holding eye contact and grinning and you will effectively get her consideration.

” Just ensure you stand tall and keep the shoulder activity unobtrusive.

In the event that you walk an excessive amount of she’ll either believe you’re harmed or some creeper drawing closer in moderate motion.

2) Be All Ears

Ladies like to work out their issues. Offer a twisted ear and battle the inclination to give an answer or surge her to the point.

She simply needs you to listen while she vents, clarifies or just dreams.

3) Leave a Message

Whether it’s your first date or the tenth, leave a message stating the amount you making the most of your time with her and how you can hardly wait to see her once more.

4) Express yourself (carefully).

On the off chance that you talk an outside dialect, surf, or play guitar, you unquestionably need to let her know.

Aptitudes or abilities are super hot and highlighting them makes you seem more dynamic to her.

The trap is sliding them into discussion normally, so you don’t put on a show of being ungainly—or like you’re gloating. Sit tight for the right opening, and slip it in unemotionally.

She will take note.

5) Take the Consultative Approach

Look for her recommendation, regardless of the possibility that you don’t generally require it. Counseling her demonstrates that you value

Counseling her demonstrates that you value her assessment and that she is helpful and encouraging.

6)Tease her.

Your first impulse might be to keep down and watch what you say as you become acquainted with her, however that can blowback and make you seem dull. So don’t be hesitant to differ with her over who should’ve won the Super Bowl or happily tease her about her taste in music.


Forward and backward chat may really help you step out any first date pressure. You’ll transform the discussion into something fun loving and coy. On the off chance that she’s giggling and having a great time in a discussion, she’ll feel significantly more casual and will more probable be pulled in to you.

7) Take her out for dinner

On the off chance that you truly need to get her heartbeat dashing, take her out for hot nourishment. Dishes with a kick, for example, those with curry or hot peppers, build blood stream—as she warms up, she’ll relate the surge from the sustenance with investing energy with you. There’s likewise something else influencing everything before she even takes the main chomp. “Zesty sustenances flash sentiments of peril,” says Reiman, “and a slight feeling of apprehension can give her a little shot of adrenaline and manufacture fervor.” Recommend she attempt a spiced ­up entrée and request a hot plunging sauce with a hors d’oeuvre that both of you can share.

8) Timing is Everything

Touch base on schedule for your date.

Despite the fact that activity and erroneous conclusions can be excused, reliably appearing late sends the sign that her time isn’t as imperative as you.

9) Surprise!

Catch her unaware with that fetching coat she has been eyeing,

a message on her work voicemail or a note in her bag lunch to keep her guessing and excited.

10) Remember that Family Matters

Acquainting your new sweetheart with your family will show how imperative she is a major part of your life.

The way you treat your family shows a decent gauge of what she can expect in your romance.

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